Niina´s Rice Pudding

A simple and filling rice porridge that is suitable for cold autumn and winter mornings. Or why not for a warming dinner? This rice porridge is served best with cinnamon sugar and plant based milk. Here is the recipe...

Chocolate no-bake brownie cups

Easy treat that tastes like brownie. No-baking required, also gluten and sugar free! Here the recipe.

Falafel utan mjöl & tahini dip
Falafel utan mjöl & tahini dip

Falafel without flour

& tahini dip

Falafel utan mjöl! Krispiga på utsidan och mjuka inuti. Och med en hemlig ingrediens som gör att de blir perfekta! Enkla ingredienser och lätta att göra hemma.

Recept på svenska. Recipe also in english!

Lemon-stracciatella no-bake cake

Lemon-stracciatella no-bake cake
Lemon-stracciatella no-bake cake

A very delicious vegan Lemon-Stracciatella Cheesecake that requiers no baking! Totally gluten free and refined sugar free. This one is one of my favourites and the texture is magical! Perfect for parties or with a cup of tea/coffee. Click here for the recipe.

Carob-Tonka Bean Waffles

vegan and refined sugar free
Gluten Free Carob-Tonka Bean Waffles

How to prevent your waffles from sticking and how to make your waffles crispy! I am sharing a few tips with you in my blog post that will help you make the perfect waffles. These gluten free, vegan, refined sugar free waffles are perfect for the weekend breakfast. Here the recipe.

GF Blueberry Cake

Gluten Free cake with Blueberries
Blueberry Cake

This cake is made with interesting ingredients that makes the cake very healthy and filled with nutrients! Quinoa is one of them. Moist, soft, easy to bake! RECIPE

Chocolate Fudge

Refined sugar free vegan fudge
Chocolate Fudge

An easy treat to make whenever you are craving chocolate! This recipe has only a few ingredients and require no baking. RECIPE

Healthy vegan pizza

This pizza is a super healthy nutrient pizza with a gluten free crust and a lot of veggie toppings. Looking for the perfect weekend pizza? RECIPE

Chocolate Ganache Tart

Dreaming about an easy chocolate tart that needs only a few ingredients? Then this is for you! Totally vegan, gluten free and healthy treat! RECIPE

cHOCOLATE  DONUTS WITH  3 ingredients

Super simple 3 ingredient recipe for chocoholics! Totally vegan, gluten free and refined sugar free!

Enjoy with some tea or coffee. This is for everyone who wants to level up their chocolate game! RECIPE

Chocolate cups with maca-caramel

Simple chocolate treat with a maca-date caramel filling! Without any added sugar and totally gluten free! RECIPE

Healthy blueberry muffins made with tigernut flour! Easy to make and so delicious with juicy sweet blueberries. This recipe is without refined sugar, vegan and 100% gluten free.


The best cinnamon pancakes ever!

Those are my favorite cinnamon pancakes ever!! I made them sweet with dates and they taste amazing. The pancakes are made of healthy ingredients and are simple to prepare. Serve with melted chocolate, berries and nuts! Read more...

Strawberry Bounty Bars

Simple 4 ingredient bounties with a summer taste of strawberries! It cant get better than this! If you have missed a vegan alternative to the regular bounties, this is for you! Now you can make bounty bars with a delicious sweet strawberry taste at home. Read more...

Creamy vegan Chocolate-Dream Cupcakes - No-bake

Dreamy Chocolate Cupcakes with a crunchy crust! A healthy treat that is simple to make and good for you. 

This dessert is gluten free, sugar free and vegan. A perfect sweet treat for all chocolate lovers!


Toast with Avocado Dip & White Bean Hummus

Those toasts are perfect for a weekend brunch! They are filling and healthy, containing a lot of protein and nutrients, and simple to prepare. 


Blueberry Muffins

Gluten free blueberry muffins that are sweet and easy to make! Recipe here.

Healthy nutella with only 4 ingredients

You have been looking for an easy homemade nutella recipe to make by yourself? Than here it is for you! This recipe is vegan, refined sugar free and contains no preservatives. You and your kids will love it! Read more...

Chocolate brownies

healthy brownies vegan and sugar free
Chocolate Brownies made with...

These chocolate are much healthier than normal brownies, because they contains one secret ingredient and no added sugar at all!

This recipe is also adjustable for allergy needs. You will love this recipe because it is so easy and takes no time at all to prepare! Let me know what you think in the comments! Read more...

Raw Mango Chocolate  cheesecake

No bake cake with chocolate
Mango Coconut Chocolate Raw Vegan Cheesecake

Your dreams are coming true -  here is the best birthday or afternoon-tea cake filled with rich and fudge chocolate cream and a hazelnut crust that leaves no questions open! You just have to try this recipe if you are A REAL CHOCOLATE LOVER! Share with family and friends or just enjoy it by your self. If you share it with others, you probably need to make it twice a week! Because it will be gone within minutes;) Raw,vegansugar free, gluten free and incredible tasty. Read more...

Apple Crumb Cake

Apple crumb cake vegan and refined sugar free

This apple crumb cake is really addictive! You will end up baking this cake every day. The smell of cinnamon and apples is indescribable.

The recipe is very easy to follow and contains only natural ingredients. It´s gluten free and refined sugar free. Read more...

Mango-Raspberry ombré pastel Cake

no bake cake with berries and mango
Mango-Raspberry Pastel Cake - Raw, Gluten free, & Nut free

This is a cake that will remind you about summer and sunny days. It has a very fresh berrylicious and fruity taste and the sweet of the dates and crunch of the raw buckwheat in the crust goes very well with the mango and raspberry cream. You can design your cake as you like, it will look beautifully each way.

If you enjoy this, make sure to leave a comment under the recipe. This cake is 100% nut free, gluten free, raw and refined sugar free, and 100% delicious!  Read more...

Cardamom Oatmeal Pancakes

If you are looking for some gluten free, vegan, sugar free, protein filled and healthy pancakes that only takes a few minutes to prepare, than these pancakes are for you! Read more...

Sweet pumpkin Pancakes

Easy pancakes with a taste of pumpkin and sweet coconut, these are perfect for a sunday breakfast or brunch. You can make them gluten free and sugar free if you like to! Read more...

Sweet pizza with an apple crust

4 ingredient recipe. Do you have a very sweet tooth and desire pizza? Than this is for you! This vegan pizza is perfect for breakfast or as a dessert. You can add your own favourite toppings or eat as bread. The base is gluten free, sugar free, oil free and high of protein. This is a 4 ingredient recipe! Easy and so delicious. Read more...

Berry Cheesecake

When the summer gives you berries, you make a cake! That is at least what I like to do! So here is a super simply berry cheesecake to enjoy on hot summer days! The berry filling is raw with strawberries and blueberries, and the chocolate base has some lovely flavor from roasted hazelnuts. RECIPE

The best hot chocolate in the world

Finally I managed to post this hot chocolate recipe here on my blog for you dear friends! Please enjoy a cup! This recipe is super easy and the best hot chocolate recipe you will find. It is even better than the normal one with kow-milk and white sugar. This is one recipe you just have to try out if you are a fan of hot chocolate! And it is totally sugar free and vegan! So enjoy;) Read more...

Healthy Pizza with a crispy GF crust

Healthy simple gluten free pizza with a light and crispy crust made of oats. Topped with a lot of veggies and fresh arugula.


4 ingredient chocolate bliss balls

Super simple chocolate bliss ball recipe with only 4 ingredients! So easy to make at home, and healthy! You only need hazelnuts, dates, shredded coconut and cacao powder! The perfect snack and healthy treat on the go! Read more...

Nut-free chocolate cupcakes

Looking for a delicious vegan treats made without cashew nuts? Than this one is for you! Those cupcakes  contains chickpeas instead of cashew nuts, with makes them high in protein and cheaper. 3 layers of chocolate: one brownie, one nutella and also one pure chocolate layer. Note: only for chocolate addicts! Read more...

Epic Veggie Burger

The perfect burger when you want to keep it healthy and eat good proteins. The pommes are replaced by crispy roasted curry chickpeas and with the burger a sour vegan dressing comes, that will cause a flavour and texture explosion in your mouth. Enjoy this cute mini gluten free burger with your family and friends! Read more...

10 minutes pasta with raw & vegan cream cheese

We all love comfort food, so why not make it healthy? This pasta dish only takes 10 minutes to prepare, and you will get all the nutrients and protein you need. So try it out today! 



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