Healthy Vegan Pizza

vegan pizza
Easy vegan veggie pizza with a gluten free crust
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Simple Veggie Pizza with a Crispy Oat Crust!

vegan pizza and comfort food
Healthy Pizza with a simply oat-crust!

We all love pizza, right, and many of us wish that we could eat one for lunch, dinner and even in between the meals. I will make it possible for you. With this delicious and simple veggie pizza, you can eat as many slices you like, and never feel any quilt or being concernd about your health. This pizza is super healthy and simple to make, you can add the toppings you prefer, I recommend to add a lot of different toppings, as it makes the pizza a lot tastier and aslo healthier!

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Epic Vegan Burger!

Dairy free and meat-free burger - healthy options to normal burger
Vegan Gluten Free Veggie Burger

A veggie burger is a great alternative to a normal burger that contains meat and dairy. I have made a very creative mini burger that taste delicious and is pretty simple to prepare, for you, your friends and family. This burger is absolutely gluten free and based on only wholefoods. The actual burger is made of carrots and millet, and the bun is a sweet potato. I love to create different kinds of food, that looks pretty and taste amazing, and therefore I am very happy about the outcome of this one. 

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Toasts with Avocado Dip & White Bean Hummus

Savoury Toast with baked eggplants, sweet potatoes, avocado dip and a white bean hummus.

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Vegan Raw Cream Cheese with Gluten free Pasta

vegan cream cheese sauce and pasta dish
Vegan and raw cream cheese with legume pasta

This is such an easy and quick last minute dinner idea that you can use perfectly for your kids when you have no time to cook something advanced. This vegan cream cheese is very healthy and filled with proteins. My son loves it with legume pasta, so there is no need to say more about it! When kids approve on a recipe, the food taste GOOD!!

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