Epic Vegan Burger!

Dairy free and meat-free burger - healthy options to normal burger
Vegan Gluten Free Veggie Burger

A veggie burger is a great alternative to a normal burger that contains meat and dairy. I have made a very creative mini burger that taste delicious and is pretty simple to prepare, for you, your friends and family. This burger is absolutely gluten free and based on only wholefoods. The actual burger is made of carrots and millet, and the bun is a sweet potato. I love to create different kinds of food, that looks pretty and taste amazing, and therefore I am very happy about the outcome of this one. 

vegan food made of healthy ingredients
Cute Mini Veggie Burgers

This recipe is:

  • oil free
  • 100% plants!
  • gluten free
  • vegan
  • 100 % plantbased
  • heaven delicious
  • made with love
  • perfect for a party!
  • kids-friendly

I used baked sweet potatoes instead of bread, and to be honest, that is genius! The texture is soft, it tastes sweet and fits great with the different textures of the veggies and the awesome carrot burger! The burger is simple to mix together and has only healthy ingredients with a lot of carotene and protein!


I made a simple sour dressing for this burger, and roasted curry chickpeas that are the a great alternative to pommes fries. I would love you to try my recipe and share your thoughts about it in the comments below!

Epic Veggie Burger

Dairy free and gluten free food
Vegan Veggie Burger made of Wholefoods





  • 1 big sweet potato
  • 1 red onion
  • fresh herbs or lamb's lettuce/arugula
  • fresh tomatoes
  • cucumber
  • pickled cucumbers
  • 1 avocado


  • 3/4 cup chickpeas (cook your own after soaking them overnight to avoid extra salt and preservatives)
  • 1 pressed garlic
  • sea salt and pepper to taste + ground caraway seeds
  • fresh lemon jucie from 1 lemon + a little zest (only use organic lemon!)
  • 1/2 cup aquafaba (chickpea water that is left when your chickpeas are cooked)
  • Optional: a little white tahini

Roasted Chickpeas:

  • 1 cup cooked chickpeas
  • 1 pressed garlic
  • curry, sea salt and pepper

Carrot Burger:

  • 7 carrots (big or medium)
  • 1 pressed garlic
  • 3/4 cup millet flakes
  • 1/4 cup gluten-free flour (make your own mix with buckwheat flour. oat flour or any other flour you like)
  • 1 tbsp chia seeds
  • spices of choice: sea salt, pepper, curry, turmeric, ground caraway seed, chili
  • 1 small bunch fresh herbs (parsley or mint)
  • 1 small piece of ginger, grated


  1. For the burgers: grate the carrots and mix it well by hands or a wooden spoon until well combined.
  2. Form burgers and fry in a pan on medium heat in a little virgin coconut oil, on both sides for a couple minutes.
  3. Dressing: combine the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Taste with spices and sea salt.
  4. Peel the sweet potato and slice in thick slices. Bake on parchment paper in the oven until soft at 200 degree celsius.
  5. Roast the chickpeas on high heat in a little coconut oil and add the pressed garlic and spices. Roast a few minutes until crispy.
  6. Chop and slice the veggies for the burgers.
  7. Stack the burger as you like it and garnish with some extra chili.
  8. Serve and enjoy warm!

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