Niina´s rice pudding

Vegan Rice Pudding with Cinnamon

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Chocolate no-bake brownie cups

Chocolate no-bake brownie cups

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Falafel without flour

Recipe in English below

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Lemon-Stracciatella Cheesecake

Lemon-stracciatella no-bake cake
Lemon-stracciatella no-bake cake

English recipe below!

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Carob-Tonka Bean Waffles

Sugar free and gluten free vegan waffles
Crispy Tonka & Carob Waffles

Carob-Tonka Bean Waffles

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Blueberry Cake

Blueberry cake - Gluten free & vegan

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Chocolate Fudge

Easy & healthy chocolate fudge with 4 ingredients

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Healthy Vegan Pizza

vegan pizza
Easy vegan veggie pizza with a gluten free crust
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Chocolate Ganache Tart

vegan chocolate ganache tart
Simple vegan Chocolate Ganche Tart with only afew ingredients

Chocolate Heaven in form of a tart! You need only a few basic ingredients for this delicious tart and you wont regret trying it out as it is so so simple to make! This tart is 100% vegan, gluten free, refined sugar free (if you use refined sugar free chocolate), and sweet but but to sweet! Sounds like a treat? It is!


This dessert is great for all kind of celebrations and parties!


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Chocolate Donuts with 3 ingredients

healthy easy vegan chocolate snack
Chocolate Donuts with 3 Ingredients

Its time to step up the chocolate game with a new kind of chocolate donut! For this recipe you will only need 3 ingredients! Amazing right? Yes it is! And so delicious, in particular if you have real chocolate cravings like I am having lately!

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Chocolate Cups with Maca Carmel

vegan chocolate treat
Chocolate Cups with a sweet maca carmel filling

Easy chocolate cups with a creamy sweet maca-date-banana carmel filling that goes beyond words! I would love to invite you all t try out this recipe and enjoy these chocolate cups with a cup of tea of coffee. 

Those chocolate cups are without any added sugar, without gluten and totally vegan!


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Blueberry Muffins

Gluten free muffins
Blueberry Muffins made with tigernut and almond flour!

Delicious blueberry muffins with gluten free flour and coconut blossom sugar. So easy to make and with a slighty taste of marzipan! 


I love muffins, but I rarely make them. Because I am quite new to gluten free making and haven´t find the perfect gluten free flour that I like to use. Until now! Those muffins are with tigernut flour and almond flour, which gives them a very nice sweet and nutty flavor, that I really love! The best thing with this recipe is that it is so easy to make and the blueberries and making them juicy and sweet! 



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Fruit & Berry Tartlets

vegan GF tartlets
Simple gluten free vegan tartlets filled with berries, fruits and chocolate!

Simple Berry Tartlets without sugar, gluten or diary!! Sounds amazing? Thats what it is! To make it even more yummy, I added one scoop of lavender nicecream on each tartlet! HEAVEN!

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Chocolate Bliss Balls

Vegan treat with chocolate - bliss balls
Healthy Bliss Balls with only 4 ingredients and a lot of Chocolate!

Recept på svenska lite längre ner

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Berry Cheesecake

Vegan raw cheesecake
Berry Cheesecake with Summer Feeling


The berry season is here! And I am celebrating with a crazy easy and delicious berry cheesecake!

Who doesnt love berries! This berry cheesecake is made with strawberries and blueberries. I think berries goes very well with chocolate, so I made a special chocolate base for this delicious smooth cake.

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vegan gluten free pancakes
Healthy and easy pancakes with cinnamon

Sweet Cinnamon Pancakes with healthy Ingredients 

Forget all the pancake recipes you have tried so far, this is the one and only you need from now on, doesn't matter if you are a vegan or not! They are sweet from dates, super healthy for you with chia and oats, and also give you a real energy boost! The best part: they are super easy to make! A foolproof recipe that works for everyone! 

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Strawberry-Bounty Bars

vegan treat with strawberries - bounty bars
Bounty bars with strawberries - only 4 ingredients!

Easy Bounty bars to make at home- with only 4 ingredients!

If you always loved bounties (I did!), and miss eating them since turning vegan, this is the best recipe for you to try out this! Super easy and all you need is a blender or food processor, and a fridge or a freezer.

It is made out of only 4 ingredients and has a sweet taste of summer! I had the idea of making those strawberry-bounty bars and just threw together some delicious ingredients and wolaa, the best kind of bounties were born! I was craving for something sweet yet simple to make, and because I had some chocolate, coconut, dates and frozen strawberries at home, I thought why not try to combine them in a healthy treat? This was the best idea ever!


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vegan gluten free and cheap dessert recipe with chickpeas
Chocolate Bom Dessert Cupcakes

A true chocolate bomb worth making and enjoy each time you are craving for something sweet, yet healthy! I have made this recipe quite cheap to prepare, instead of cashew nuts I used chickpeas. So this recipe is not only filled with chocolate and not expensive at all, it is also very high in protein! Sounds to good to be true? Try it out by yourself!



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Simple Veggie Pizza with a Crispy Oat Crust!

vegan pizza and comfort food
Healthy Pizza with a simply oat-crust!

We all love pizza, right, and many of us wish that we could eat one for lunch, dinner and even in between the meals. I will make it possible for you. With this delicious and simple veggie pizza, you can eat as many slices you like, and never feel any quilt or being concernd about your health. This pizza is super healthy and simple to make, you can add the toppings you prefer, I recommend to add a lot of different toppings, as it makes the pizza a lot tastier and aslo healthier!

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Chocolate-Dream Cupcakes

Healthy treat with simple ingredients
Creamy Chocolate Cupcakes - Raw treat - Vegan - Sugar free - Gluten Free Dessert

Dreamy Chocolate Cupcakes, a must if you are crazy for chocolate like me! Those sweet vegan treats makes every chocolate lover happy, and they can be enjoyed without any feeling of guilt. Because these cupcakes are absolutely divine and healthy. 100% gluten free and Vegan. And of course they are without any refined sugar, which is great if you try to avoid white sugar and processed food.


This recipe is perfect for any chocolate lover, for a special evening treat, tea snack or party highlight! You decide how and when to serve and devour them! I personally prefer to enjoy one when my little one is asleep and I have some me-time.

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Epic Vegan Burger!

Dairy free and meat-free burger - healthy options to normal burger
Vegan Gluten Free Veggie Burger

A veggie burger is a great alternative to a normal burger that contains meat and dairy. I have made a very creative mini burger that taste delicious and is pretty simple to prepare, for you, your friends and family. This burger is absolutely gluten free and based on only wholefoods. The actual burger is made of carrots and millet, and the bun is a sweet potato. I love to create different kinds of food, that looks pretty and taste amazing, and therefore I am very happy about the outcome of this one. 

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Toasts with Avocado Dip & White Bean Hummus

Savoury Toast with baked eggplants, sweet potatoes, avocado dip and a white bean hummus.

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Vegan Homemade Nutella

How to make nutella, recipe, sugar free
Healthy Vegan Nutella Recipe with only a few basic ingredients - perfect on bread!

Homemade nutella that you will end up making at least once a week! If you are on a health care mission, this is something for you. And especially if you have kids, and you want to keep them away from sugar, diary and preservative, than this is the right chocolate spread for you to give them, because this recipe has no refined sugar, no dairy and is simple to make at home. 


This recipe has only 4 ingredients and takes only a few minutes to prepare!

Note: You will need a strong blender or food processor to handle the nuts.

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Vegan Raw Cream Cheese with Gluten free Pasta

vegan cream cheese sauce and pasta dish
Vegan and raw cream cheese with legume pasta

This is such an easy and quick last minute dinner idea that you can use perfectly for your kids when you have no time to cook something advanced. This vegan cream cheese is very healthy and filled with proteins. My son loves it with legume pasta, so there is no need to say more about it! When kids approve on a recipe, the food taste GOOD!!

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The best sugar free hot chocolate you can get!

vegan hot chocolate
Guilt free hot chocolate for the soul. Healthy, sugar free and so delicious!

All I need in the morning is a cup of my own homemade hot chocolate! Such a delicious and healthy hot drink that your kids will love! This recipe is very simple and truly addictive!

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Soft Gingerbread Cristmas Cookies

Christmas cookies
Healthy vegan and gluten free christmas cookies without refined sugar

Glueten free and refined sugar free soft christmas cookies!


If you are looking for some healthy christmas cookies that are without gluten and refined sugar, than this is something for you!

These cookies are very easy to make and with the sweet berry jam the taste is perfect! Enjoy your homemade cookies with some hot chocolate or tea to overcome the cold winter days.


This recipe is inspired by the swedish christmas cookies calles pepparkakor and also the typical german christmas cookies Linzer Augen. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! (and my family!)


If you use my recipe be sure to tag me so I can find your picture on instagram and facebook!


Ps. This recipes contains a high amount of protein from a secret ingredient;)

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Lucia Saffron Buns / Swedish Lussekatter

vegan Lussebullar
Vegan Lussekatter Swedish Lucia Saffron Buns

Lussekatter, Lussebullar or Lucia Saffron Buns is a traditional swedish sweet treat that the Swedes eat around christmas and especially on 13 december, on the St. Lucia Day.  The Saffron Buns are not very sweet but very delicious  and have a strong yellow colour from saffron and tastes perfect with some `glögg´ (mulled wine) or coffee and tea! 


I have made the classic recipe slighty healthier with no refined sugar and only virgin coconut. You can make them gluten free by using a gluten free flour mix if  you like to.  I love to eat my Lusekatter the same day as I bake them because than they are still very juicy and moist. 


Let me know if you like them and have a question in the comments below. Tag me @vegan.niinja if you use my recipe and post a picture on facebook or instagram.


Enjoy and have a great Lucia day or advent days!

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Swedish Kanelbullar or Cinnamon Buns

Kanelbullar vegan och sockerfritt
Cinnamon Buns without refined sugar

This is my version of the swedish kanelbullar, also called cinnamon buns. They are refined sugar free and completely dairy and egg free. 

If you try them out, be sure to tag me @vegan.niinja on instagram, facebook or pinterest! 

These cinnamon buns are very delicious with a secret ingredient in the filling for that little extra! I honestly cant stop eating them but luckely I made a lot of them!

Enjoy your baking and invite good friends or your family for some good time with your swedish kanlebullar;)


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Sweet Pizza with an Apple Crust / Christmas Pizza

Christmas Pizza

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Mini Raw Bundt Cakes

These mini bundt cakes are a sweet dessert treat for every occasion. The cakes are pretty and easy to make and you don´t even need to soak the cashew nuts! The base is a simply chocolate layer and there between is a very creamy salt-caramel layer with peanut butter.


I recommend to make some bliss balls of the dough and roll them in melted chocolate. The healthier kind of ferrero bliss balls or white nougat balls.


This is a raw cake recipe, which means the cakes don´t need to be baked at all! All the healthy nutrience in the cakes makes this dessert to a very guilt free one! I hope you love it as much as I do!



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