Carob-Tonka Bean Waffles

Sugar free and gluten free vegan waffles
Crispy Tonka & Carob Waffles

Carob-Tonka Bean Waffles

This is such a nice recipe to try when you have a little extra time for breakfast. I love love love waffles, even more than pancakes, and finally I have figured out how to make them crispy with a soft airy inside. Follow my tips below for perfect waffles, that doesnt stick at your waffle iron!



  1. Let the waffle iron get very hot before starting making waffles, leavning it 10 minutes extra after it says it´s ready will do it.
  2. Use oil in the batter and to grease the iron will keep the waffles from sticking.
  3. Watch the steam: when it is reduced, you can open the waffle iron, never open it to early! Leave it closed a few minutes extra after the waffle maker says it´s ready (green), to prevent the waffles to stick.
  4. For extra crispness, leave the waffles in the oven (heated) before serving.


Good luck!



* 100 g (1 cup) rolled oats


* 65 g (1/2 cup) sorghum flour or quinoa flour


* 360 ml (1 1/2 cup) plantbased milk
* 1 grated tonka bean


* 1 tsp carob powder
* 1 tsp baking powder


* 1 tsp apple vinegar


* 1 tbsp chia or flaxseed


* 1 tbsp grated coconut


* 1 ripe mashed banana


* 2 tbsp coconut blossom sugar


Optional: 1 tsp coconut oil +  more for making the waffles


1. Mix the baking powder and apple vinegar in a separate bowl and let it react for 2-5 minutes.


2. Blend the rolled oats, chia/flaxseed, coconut until you have a fine powder, add the plantbased milk and banana and blend until well combined, add the baking powder mix and the spices + sorghum/quinoa flour, coconut sugar, coconut oil and blend until you have a smooth batter.


4. Let it set för 5-10 minutes to thicken.


5. Bake your waffles as usual.




Enjoy with your favourite toppings and company!




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